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Landscape Services

Druffel is able to provide a full spectrum of landscaping services within the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Area. We are able to take your project from an idea through the design phase, construction, and then maintain it for years to come. At Druffel we believe that a successful landscape is the product of three integral functions. The first part of the landscape regardless of scale is a sound design solution. No matter how great the design is, it can only be successful with a quality minded implementation and proper ongoing maintenance. Unlike many other parts of your home, landscape maintenance is an all the time thing. Plants are living things and need to be cared for throughout the season. Druffel prides itself on using proper horticultural maintenance practices. We are constantly educating ourselves on current best practices in everything that we do to ensure that we are delivering the best product we can in everything we do.

  • Landscape Design

    A good design is the foundation of every great project. Our goal is to provide sound and creative landscaping design solutions to fulfill your needs. We believe in taking the time to go through the design process to ensure that our projects are a reflection of the client’s needs and taste. Druffel Design Process – While every project is different we adhere to a process throughout design. When working with Druffel on design you can expect your project to go through the design process to ensure that your project results in your collaborative vision.

    • Initial Design Consultation
    • Design Proposal
    • Preliminary Design
    • Design Refinement and Budgeting
    • Construction Documentation and Permitting
    • Construction Management
    • Ongoing maintenance and enhancement
  • Project Management and Installation

    At Druffel we ardently believe that you can only be great at a few things. We have chosen to internally focus on horticulture and we utilize a network of subcontractors to implement the other portions of the landscape project. We are the general contractor for your outdoor needs. We are able to implement any project that happens outdoors.

    • Landscape installation: bed prep, planting, grade work, annual plantings, drainage work
    • Site Features: patios, walkways, driveways, pools, fences, decks, living spaces, kitchens, lighting, fireplaces and fire pits, pergolas and other carpentry features, irrigation systems
  • Landscaping Maintenance

    Proper maintenance is imperative to keeping your landscape healthy and looking great. Unlike any other home project your landscape should look better with age. Proper maintenance is the only way to make this happen. Druffel has knowledgeable staff that can help you keep your landscape looking its best. We believe that it is best to do a little bit of maintenance more often so that we can properly care for the plants at the opportune times. We offer several different maintenance packages to cater to different client’s needs.

    • Monthly Maintenance
    • Quarterly Maintenance
    • Monthly Report  (for maintenance clients only)
  • Snow removal service offerings include

    We provide snow services to make sure we can help our clients as best we can. We offer several different levels of service to allow are clients’ to choose what works best for them.

    • Plowing
    • Deicing
    • Sidewalk clearing







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